Have you ever found a bird’s nest on the ground or spotted a nest full of new babies? Imagine making a cozy house using only what you find around your yard. But don’t just imagine it – try it!

Just like people, birds live in many different kinds of homes. Check out these cool nests and pick a favorite style!

Four nests

1. Look for a real nest
See if you can you find a real-life nest that a bird has left behind. Look closely to see how it was made.

a nest woven into dogwood branches

a nest woven into dogwood branches

2. Gather materials
Take a walk outside to find nesting materials like these:

  • thin, strong sticks and twigs (about the size of your hand). Make sure they don’t snap too easily!
  • long, bendy greens. Really long grass, or vines with the leaves stripped off work really well.
  • special stuff – feathers, pretty stones, flower petals, whatever you like!
nest materials

nest materials

3. Start weaving!

Make a base. Wrap several pieces of long grass or vine stems around your fingers. Twist them as you go so that they hold together in a small donut shape. Keep adding more greens until the donut keeps its shape on its own.

make a donut-shaped base

Add “fenceposts.” Push 6 or 7 small, strong sticks into the donut to make the “fenceposts” for your nest. Space them equally apart and lean them all in the same direction.

It’s OK if the sticks are kind of loose for now.

add "fenceposts" and keep weaving

  • Start weaving! Weave greens in and out of the fenceposts, going under one fencepost and over the next. Tuck the loose ends into the base.
  • Add more small sticks. Weave them down around the greens as you push them in.
  • Weave more greens in and out of the sticks. Keep working in sticks and greens until your nest feels done!

add in more grass and sticks

  • Line your nest. Find some soft and pretty Green World material to line the inside! Try flower petals, leaves, feathers, fluffy seeds, animal fur, or moss.

line your nest with something soft

4. Add something special!
Birdie and Mo keep their family talisman safe in a nest. What special thing will you put in yours? Maybe your family talisman?

finished nests

finished nests


you have earned a wisdom card!


55 thoughts on “Nest Maker

  1. I have seen a nest…. I guess I built one. At my school
    I saw a baby house-wren’s nest with babies in it.
    OMG there was so cute!!!!! 🙂

  2. Maybe ill try not sure though cause i already have a nest on my front porch that fell out of a tree.

  3. really cool! In my nest I put some cool beach glass and a blue jays feather! Also I lined mine with milk weed fluffy stuff.

  4. Once, this winter, my mom saw a bluebird on a tree branch out in the cold. I felt so sorry for it, i wanted to bring it in! I now know that that was silly!

  5. no its not! you should have got it and brought it in! bieng in the animaletins leniege i help every animal i see

  6. one at shore acers in on a small trail, i saw a small birds nest on the side of the trail. It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute plus there was some small fluffy,fluffy fethers in it aswell.
    I showed my parents but they said too put it back were i found it.
    when i did i herd some birds chirping, i think it was there nest because there chirping soundid sad and worried. It was relly cool.
    🙂 :0

  7. i’ve seen a baby nest full of birds before. It was mostly hidden in a hedge above the garage so exciting!!!! Anyway I dont wanna try this because my mom will say no.Anyway i’d love to be this fairy god mother because of all the details!So all leave you guys on to speak of your nature.Hope i’ll hear your comment soon. ( please say my name in the comment ) ,.,.,.,.,.,

  8. hi i just made one of these at first i thought they where crazy when i read the steps but then i did it and it is so cute and small i love it so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Did you know that a lot of birds use mud to hold there nests together?
    I might not do that for one of these nests though, it might get messy:)

  10. i made a lot of nests-3 one was made with man-made materials. one with clay and mud. one with grass

  11. I found I tiny abandoned bird’s nest at my cousin’s house. And the bird that made it used the normal stuff plus donkey hairs! (my cousins have lots of animals) I have it in my room. I love birds <3 😀

  12. At a camp I went to, I made a nest with my friend. It was really fun! But do you guys think that counts as I’ve done this? I mean, I don’t want to act lazy but I just was wondering.

  13. I have had a HAWK (Yes i said HAWK) nest in my back yard and its still there i named it Willy sometimes he is in my front yard resting on my glimmer tree! ( Its a Red Maple tree)

  14. one time i made a nest, and my older bro hid it in a tree, but the next day i found it full of little Robbin eggs!

  15. You should read comments on peoples projects and experience before doing it yourself, also just a little bit of mud (not to watery) will help keep the nest together. Again only a little bit I have tried making one with too much mud and it kept flopping around! If you find that you want a bit more mud then add it! Remember while too much mud can make a play-doh nest too little will make it easier to pull apart.

  16. I never thought that my bird nest making skills were very good because the nests always had too much mud. But now I can make an awesome bird nest! Supercalifragilisticexpectallidoshus!

  17. Using small sticks, straw, grass, mud, weeds, moss, a few nuts or bird food, and maybe strips of paper, work if you are looking for a nice bird nest. Be creative!

  18. Remember these crafts can be hard to make or take a long time, you may not be completly happy with the results though.

  19. Bits of cloth also work. But NEVER, put thorn, staples, glue, tape or anything that could harm birds!

  20. i think fga should post a demo of The Mermaid and Me on their channel on youtube. i’d love to hear it. and thx Nancy, will try!

  21. Hi this is my 1 time being here and I need some help making a nest can someone help explain weaving to me??? PLEASE!!!!

  22. And Nancy who cares if u post to much its great to post I love it here because of u! can u please explain weaving to me and will u please be my bff???

  23. i saw a birds nest in my yard once and it had some mud to keep it from falling appart.

  24. That is awesome! I know I always love collecting nests that fall out of trees. The weaving is amazing!!!

  25. You know what?I already have a nest from Easter and I made it all by myself now I’m making another one!I love this place that I really want to be there!Haha!

    Melanie,nine years old

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