Jan Bozarth at Rock + Read – Book & Music Fest Austin, TX

In Austin during SXSW? Catch FGA author Jan Bozarth Rock + Read, a cool (and FREE) family-friendly event on Sunday March 20th.  Jan will be on stage doing a reading at 5pm and signing books afterward in the reading tent. Come by and say hello!


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Character Profile: Birdie

Character Profile - Birdie

Birdie Cramer Bright

The Arbor Lineage – Protectors of the Green World

  • Talisman: The Singing Stone
  • Wisdom: Sensitivity
  • Heritage: Irish
  • Personality: curious, observant, smart, thoughtful, sentimental. A tree girl at heart. Loves music and botany.
  • Style: Birdie chooses clothes that remind her of home and family and favors natural fabrics. Comfortable, eclectic, feminine (a soft t-shirt and patched jeans).
  • Color: 93AB89
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Aventurine- The Beginning


Many fans have asked me to tell the origin story of Aventurine.  Here you go!

Hundreds of years ago when the dreams and powers of girls and women were not allowed, twelve young girls from different places in the world witnessed a great comet. That night they went to bed and dreamed the same dream. All twelve were transported to a strange ridge above an unknown walled garden. The wall was made of a blue stone they call the dreamers stone, aventurine. There was a twin oak tree at the entrance to the walled area. As passage, the tree offered the chance to choose from what appeared to be two identical acorns. But they were very different inside-one was the light and the other the darkness. The leader of the girls chose the light acorn by intuition since seeing was not enough. This allowed them to enter the walled garden. The other acorn was carried off into the distance by a black crow. In celebration, the girls built a place where their dreams could be held safely until the people of the human world were ready. On the first day, they discovered a race of beautiful indigenous people. The leader of the twelve named these people Faeren because they looked like full sized humans with fairy wings.

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Jan and the FGA fashion models

Happy Fairy God-Mother’s Day 2014- When writing a new story for my series, I always marvel at how whatever comes out of my brain seems to mimic my real life- even when I do not mean for that to happen.

I have been writing the next story for about a year now. If you have read the teasers on the site, you know the new lineage is called the Luci Lineage.  They are the ones that teach the initiates about personal power by holding their own little “luci”, a pet-like light form they are given at the age of 13. This lineage creates all that is beauty in Aventurine. They can change their form at any moment both to disguise and to beguile. They have the power to change and so do you.  There is no set rule for what is beautiful and every girl must choose her own way to look, feel, believe, and act in the world. These are your gifts and your powers.  It has nothing to do with body shape or hair color.  When you realize this is all up to you, you get busy making the best of what you’ve got.

I am ever-changing. My changes often feel like a crossing to a foreign land. That is why I have decided to call the next book “Her Crossing” to honor the ever-changing-ness of girls and women throughout their lives.  This title was given to me by my brother years ago when our mother, Dora, was crossing the Atlantic Ocean on the Queen Mary to go to Europe and recorded her life story onto a small tape recorder to pass the time.  Her stories of crossing from one place to another, both geographically and emotionally, stayed in my consciousness. Now I write the stories of the girls who will pass from Faeren to human, human to Faeren, girl to woman, woman to crone.

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Believing in your own Beauty


The most beautiful people I have ever known all have things in common.  They are kind, passionate, and honest. They shine.  What makes you shine?  We don’t have a crystal ball but we do have our inner light.  Shine it on the outside and see what happens! Our newest Global Wisdom Act begins with The Best Question Ever Mobile Game and Contest, Starting April 8 at tbqe.io  Turn your beauty inside out. Tell us how you do it.

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Wisdom is the new pink

Wisdom IS

get the t-shirt in our online shop!


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Young reader shares her dream to be an artist

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Parent’s perspective of the Fairy Godmother Academy Series

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