Make a difference in the real world every day! As a fairy-godmother-in-training, you don’t have to wait to go to Aventurine to start growing in wisdom. You can make a difference in the real world—your world—every day. How? Form a local lineage with friends to make your world a better place!

Birdie is part of the Arbor Lineage, a family of fairy godmothers who work to heal the green world. Your local lineage can form a Green Squad to help. Here’s how:

Step 1: Get started!

Tell some friends about the Fairy Godmother Academy and your idea to start a Local Lineage. Invite them to a get together, and then ask them to join up. You can even throw a party! Even if you have just one friend who wants to do it, you can get started!

Step 2: Find your talisman

Birdie’s family talisman is the Singing Stone, and it helps her on her adventures. Together with your group choose a talisman, or magic charm. Maybe you’ll use a special rock or a feather, or maybe you’ll paint a picture of an animal or plant. Anything with meaning for your group can be a talisman and bring luck to your actions.

Here are some questions to get you thinking about your talisman:

  • What inspired us?
  • Do we have a magic gift or skill?
  • What animals, colors, and plants do we like?
  • What have our ancestors done?

You can also go to the Talisman Chooser and pick one there!

Step 3: Choose your name

Your lineage name can be as simple as your neighborhood’s name, or as wild as Flying Feather Lineage or Fantastic Dreamer Lineage. Will the name reflect your talisman, your location, your dreams? You decide.

Step 4: Invite a guiding godmother

We all need help on our adventures. What adult will you ask to help guide your group? Maybe a cool mom, aunt or grandma? A teacher who inspires you? It’s up to you!

Step 5: Act!

What will your first Green Squad Action be? You could pick up trash in a park, plant seeds, collect recyclables or start your own original project.

Check out a few of these ideas:

Green Squad Action: The Beauty of ReUsing

Paint reusable canvas bags with bright images of plants and animals!. Fill the bags with nutritious treats, then donate them to your local food pantry.

Green Squad Action: Plan on plants

It may not be time for planting right now where you live, but you can still dream about it. Get together with your squad and plan a food garden, a butterfly garden, a habitat garden for animals, or a wildflower reseeding campaign. Go to your local library or look online to get great ideas for your area, and make plans for spring!

Green Squad Action: Share a ride

Organize a group trip to a favorite park, swimming hole, or lake and carpool to get there. Don’t’ forget to check the tires! Cars with properly inflated tires use less gas and cause less pollution.


you have earned a wisdom card!


46 thoughts on “Local Lineage: Start a Green Squad!

  1. then we can be your friends sinnimon723, honestly i don’t have any friends who are interested in this so im doing it alone.

  2. does anyone go to Santa Rita in Los Altos? I want to start a squad with people who are into this!

  3. Does anybody live in Houston Texas if do please comment i might be interested in joining or starting a green squad 🙂

  4. i made a green squad, we have a squad drink 2! here’s the recipe 4 it,
    2 tbs. milk
    1 cup hot water
    1/2 tbs. honey
    1 tsp.lavender for tea
    1 tsp. chamomile for tea
    1:2 tsp. mint for tea
    put all in heat-able cup, stir, and serve!

  5. dont worry i am about to start lineage and sinniom237 we can be best friends!!!!!!!!

  6. I made mine using a wooden craft stick. I put model magic on the ends for ball points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Here’s the recipe for the sqad
    mango juice
    18 blueberry’s
    3 peach’s
    and add some ginger

  8. I am starting an online lineage! Does anyone want to join? I go on quite regularly.
    Post your email if you want to be in it.
    But if you can’t then just join and we will do it on this comment thing.

  9. What do you think the name of our lineage should be?
    Who will be the fairy godmother?
    Tell me what you think!

  10. Here is the recipe for the online lineage smoothie:

    1 small pack of blueberries
    1 banana
    1 cup of kefir, sourcream or yogurt.

  11. Remember to put the box from the blueberries in the recycling and not the garbage!

  12. I will go on less regularly now. B cuz it usually takes time for peeps 2 find this website.

  13. Tally, Your smoothie sounds wonderful! Adding strawberries to it would also be good.
    (The Green Squad tea Doll Face posted on March 19, 2013 also sounds good, but yours sounds really good!) One whole cup of sour cream might be too rich, but the kefir or yogurt sounds very good. A little sour cream is good on some surprising things, though: beets, or cooked pumpkin, for instance.
    I think it would be nice for each girl to find her own talisman. It may be something that’s always been special to her, or she may go on a special quest to find it.

  14. I wrote sour cream because some people have no idea what kefir is and if they don’t have yogurt….. yeah.
    My mom makes her own kefir.

  15. Oh, did you know that it tastes really good if you smush some strawberries and add sour cream

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