Do YOU know how to decode an Aventurine map? What scent tells you fairies are near? Put your Aventurine know-how to the test with this cool quiz! Get 7 answers right to earn your Wisdom.

Where can you find the name Aventurine?

Birdie’s full name is

The map of Aventurine is made by

Fairy magic smells like

The Singing Stone came from

The fairy language spoken in Aventurine is

What does Birdie hear right before entering Aventurine?

The magic flowers that tell the story of the Singing Stone and direct Kerka and Birdie to the fairies are

In Aventurine, Birdie needs to find the Glimmer Tree which has now become

In Aventurine, what can you do when you hold a magic Redbird feather?

When the map’s message GO WHET PATS AH HA is unscrambled, it reads:

The Shadow Land makes Birdie feel



you have earned a wisdom card!


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  1. I got 12 out of 12! I have read all of the fairy godmother academy books. To get to aventurine you need to dream yourself there

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