Give thanks to the people who make your life great.

We all have real life fairy godmothers (and fairy godfathers!) we feel thankful for. They might be family members, friends, teachers, members of our community, or even famous people.

As a fairy godmothers in-the-making, you can practice gratitude by first noticing all the things others do for you, then showing your appreciation with handmade gratitude cards.

Here’s how!

1. Make a list of gratitude
Make a list of people and the sweet things they do for you. Maybe your dad makes great oatmeal cookies? Or your grandma shares her garden? Maybe you have a friend who gives you courage—just like Kerka does for Birdie. Who knows? You might even be thankful for the city workers who pick up your recycling each week!

Stick this list on the wall near your bed or your desk so you can ponder it every day.

2. Pick someone
Choose someone—or more than one someone!—on your list that you’d like to surprise with a handmade card of thanks.

3. Get crafting!
Start with the Fairy Godmother Academy Gratitude Card or with your own paper or cardboard. Decorate with drawings, photos, magazine clippings, stamps, or cool designs. Use markers, glitter, feathers, whatever you can find to make it fun.

4. Put your heart into it
Now write something heartfelt inside. Describe how much you love the tomatoes from grandma’s garden, or compose a poem for the recycling guy! Express gratitude in a way that feels true for you.

5. Deliver!
Hand deliver your card or find an envelope to address, stamp and send. Or leave your card in a clever spot—stuck on your grandma’s refrigerator, taped to your recycling bin—where the recipient is sure to find it!

6. Tell Birdie about it!
What special people and actions are on your gratitude list? Who did you make a card for? A family member? Someone far away? How did they like it? Send Birdie an update. She might just post it on her blog!

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23 thoughts on “Gratitude Card

  1. Dankbarkeit ist wichtig…aber wie kann man einem Menschen sagen das man für das was er für ihn tut das beste ist was ein Mensch je für ihn gemacht hat?Weil meine Eltern sagen das ich nicht dankbar genug bin… ich weiß nur nicht wie ich das ihnen sagen soll,ich habe alles,ich bekomme alles aber ich weiß halt nicht wie ich ihnen richtig danken soll.

    Schreibe bitte zurück…ich brauche deine Hilfe…sternilie99 *#*

  2. Hey Sternilie99–
    Sometimes it is hard to express our thanks properly, especially to our parents. Gratitude cards are a great first step. Just trust the words from your heart!

  3. thanks for your comment sternilie99..
    here is a google translation to english:

    Gratitude is important … but how can a man say it for what he does for him is the best thing a person has ever done for him? Because to tell my parents that I am not grateful enough … I just do not know how I tell them to, I have everything I get everything but I do not know how to stop properly thank them.

    Write back please … I need your help … sternilie99

  4. My grandma is an artist and I love art too so I always show her my artwork. I made her a card for supporting me in my art. I haven’t given it to her yet though because she is on Vacation but when she comes back I will give it to her.

  5. i hope you all loved my books i give great grattitude to all of you. remember that me and Birdie will always love you. ans remember jut keep on dreaming. byeP.S me and Birdie will be at Adventuriene so please come and visite us there

  6. cool craft. hey is that really you kerka? cuz when birdie types everything is really neat and is spelled right and has apostrophes and stuff. just sayin. plz dont be offendened. i dont mean to be mean. online, sometimes i dont write super neat either. Like now. so i understand. just makin sure and stuff. thnks buh bye

  7. I made my parents each a card. They have not seen them yet! I can’t wait until they get all happy that I gave them each a card!

  8. I just made a card for the recycling man! Me and Dad are on vacation, so I can’t wait to see what he writes back when I get back!

  9. Hallo sternilie99,

    Ich fühle mich genauso wie Sie. Mein Rat ist , nur um mit ihnen darüber zu reden . Lassen Sie sie wissen , wie du dich fühlst.

  10. I did this as a child, but reading this now gives me a great idea, for people I can do it for now! Thank you!

  11. Hello everyone!
    What is your fave wisdom act?
    My fave is totaly the Spirkin or Local lineage!
    I just made a map of my BFF’s sisters friends friends cousins new house!!!!!

    – Zally

  12. I’m sorry Kerka does have bad spelling!
    We love you!!!
    We are your fans and you are ours.

    – Birdie C. B.

  13. As a child I made one for my Mom and for my Grandmother – it was sort of like a colourful little book – and both of them kept theirs for the rest of their lives. I didn’t think my little book-cards were very good when I made them; I remember feeling ashamed and thinking, “Another child would do this much better!” But it meant so much to my Mom and Grandmother.

  14. Like this idea sounds like fun going to make one for my Nana she and I are always baking together and I wouldn’t be able to bake as well as I do if it weren’t for her and also for my Pops. He taught me how to garden so well I can start one of my own! I love FGA!

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