Wisdom Acts

Calling all fairy godmothers in-training: DIY fashion projects, art ideas, and outdoor adventures await! Each Wisdom Act will have special meaning just for you. What you learn as you complete each adventure will help you follow your dreams and grow in Wisdom as a Fairy Godmother.

My Spirikin

"My spirikin reveals my best self."

"Spirikins are animal spirits. Each girl's spirikin represents her inner self, and that defines which animal chooses her. The spirikin helps a girl acquire the one quality she needs but doesn't have." ~ Queen Mangi What quality do you need in your life? Find your spirikin to help you on your journey!

Twilight Dance

"My dance speaks my heart."

In Kerka's story, the Kalis Dance is a powerful form of self-expression, made up of symbolic movements that hold special meaning for the dancer. Dancing can be an amazing way for all of us to express our feelings--think of the movement as a way of speaking or telling a story without using words. Find the moves that express what you have to say!

Kalis Stick

"I am a magical warrior—my strength is my wisdom."

Each Kalis stick is unique and powerful, like the girl it belongs to. And each of us has a magical warrior inside—the part of us that is strong and brave when we need to be. How about making your own Kalis stick? What would it look like? What colors would it be? Think about how your Kalis stick can express your inner magical warrior!

Glimmer Tree

"Find your Glimmer Tree and share it with a friend!"

Birdie hugs the Glimmer Tree when she meets it for the first time. How do you honor trees in real life? You decide, share an adventure with a friend, and grow in the Wisdom of the Arbor Lineage!

My Beautiful Wisdom Book

"I keep Wisdoms safe in my heart."

Collect your Wisdoms in your own one-of-a-kind Wisdom book. Decorate a litle notebook and start collecting Wisdoms you hear or invent!

Nest Maker

"Grab some twigs and make a nest for your keepsakes."

Have you ever found a bird’s nest on the ground or spotted a nest full of new babies? Imagine making a cozy house using only what you find around your yard. But don’t just imagine it – try it! Just like people, birds live in many different kinds of homes. Check out these cool nests and pick a favorite style!

Aventurine Secrets

"I uncover the secrets of my dreams."

Just as Aventurine is different for every fairy godmother-in-the-making our hopes and dreams are different too. When you pay attention to your truest dreams, you'll find a way to make them real!

Family Wisdom

"We grow from our family trees"

Our families are the roots from which we grow. Although we all blossom in different ways, we can find support in our lineage. Interview a family member and discover your family’s wisdom!

Special Coupon Books

"My time and love are gifts."

Offering our time and love can be the best gifts--and making a special "coupon book" for someone is a great way to share them. It's easy, free, super-thoughtful and very cool!

Branch of Blessings

"I gather blessings with those I love."

What do you feel most grateful for? When you look around the green world it’s easy to give thanks for the sun, the trees, and the even the rain! Make a branch of blessings to show that you appreciate all the gifts in your life.

Gratitude Card

"I recognize all I receive from others."

As a fairy godmothers in-the-making, you can practice gratitude by first noticing all the things others do for you, then showing your appreciation with handmade gratitude cards.

Green Squad: Food for Neighbors in Need

"Share food with others and decorate cool recycled bags!"

Granny Mo will tell you: good food from the garden tastes best when shared. Share the bounty by organizing a food drive close to home! And protect the green world, too—deliver your donations in reusable bags that you’ve decorated yourself.

Green Squad: Fall Feast

"Eat local, seasonal food to help heal the green world."

Get together with your Green Squad and learn everything you can about the food that grows in your area. Then share what you know with family and friends, and invite them to try it out!

Hello Listener!

"Listening is an art."

Hello Academy Founder! Have you heard the song Hello Dreamer yet? Paying attention and really listening is an art, and it is an art that pays off in this quick little quiz.

Local Lineage: Start a Green Squad!

"Together we can heal the world."

As a fairy-godmother-in-training, you don't have to wait to go to Aventurine to start growing in wisdom. You can make a difference in the real world—your world—every day. How? Form a local lineage with friends to make your world a better place!