Do YOU know how to decode an Aventurine map? What scent tells you fairies are near? Put your Aventurine know-how to the test with this cool quiz! Get 7 answers right to earn your Wisdom.

Where can you find the name Aventurine?

Birdie’s full name is

The map of Aventurine is made by

Fairy magic smells like

The Singing Stone came from

The fairy language spoken in Aventurine is

What does Birdie hear right before entering Aventurine?

The magic flowers that tell the story of the Singing Stone and direct Kerka and Birdie to the fairies are

In Aventurine, Birdie needs to find the Glimmer Tree which has now become

In Aventurine, what can you do when you hold a magic Redbird feather?

When the map’s message GO WHET PATS AH HA is unscrambled, it reads:

The Shadow Land makes Birdie feel



you have earned a wisdom card!


103 thoughts on “Aventurine Secrets

  1. I once had a dream. I was by a huge tree. I took a walk around. It was a garden. I didn’t relize it then but now I know it was granny mos garden

  2. I got 12 out of 12! And guess what? I’m writing my own FGA book! It’s been fun. I can’t wait to wait the girl, Lyli’s dream!


  4. AWWWWW 6 out of 12 i guess its OK ………………………………………………………………………:)

  5. I really want to go to Adventurine too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way I am new this is my 1 time being here and…………….I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I GOT 8 OUT OF 12!!!!!!and I am only up to page 66 in Birdie’s book!!!!!
    Does any 1 want to be my bff? I am so lonely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™

  7. I got 10 out of 12. My favourite book is Kerka’s Book, because I like the parts with the Kalis sticks and Kalistonia Fairies!

  8. Aventurine is so easy to get to!
    Just play a fast song on yous violin for three hours, (like I did) and then GO TO BED!!!

  9. I got 11 out of 12, which ain’t bad for an old lady! I like Trinity’s book best, because she has a wonderfully scientific mind: she observes everything around her, takes it all in and thinks intelligently about it. I love it that in a fairy book, the author showed a scientific and logically-minded girl in such a positive light, instead of treating this as if it were strange. All of the book’s characters have wonderful traits and things to teach us, but I’m grateful that the author showed us Trinity’s good mind, and the good heart that went with it.

  10. I’ll add to last night’s comment: Using one’s mind, heart, and spirit all together makes for wholeness.

  11. Omigosh! Can you plzzzzz be our fairy godmother for the online lineage????
    Although we will need to wait awhile for it to form.

  12. Also I remembered that I was wearing my aventurine necklace when I got to Aventurine.

  13. God bless you Tally; you’re so nice! I’ll be one of them … from time to time … if the Holy Spirit moves me …

  14. Thank You so much M.R.!
    I am writing a book I am gonna publish!
    It’s called Jessica and the Mysteries in England.
    Look out for it.

  15. M. R. Do u still cum on here?????
    B cuz I def. Do.
    I came on yesterday 2day and prob will cum on 2morrow.

  16. Tally, I came here tonight, Sunday night, May 29, but I haven’t been here for awhile. Thank you for asking! I’m spending less time on the computer because I found it was kind of taking over my life. (I just got this used laptop in late January, after not having a computer, and I kind of went bongo with it!) So I’ve started cutting back, and will probably spend even less time on it soon. It’s a good feeling: I feel like I’m “taking back my life,” and restoring a balance I lost for awhile. (My life is a quiet one, but I’m happy with that.) But yes, from time to time I will visit here, because I love these pages, and I especially like to see what you’ve written. You’re so full of life and enthusiasm!

  17. wait Tally I read your comment on how to get to Aventurine the one about the violin I don’t have a violin! I don’t have any instruments! My recorder is not working Helpppppppp

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