I Love Reindeer!

The Reindeer character in Kerka’s Book reminds me of Christmas. Her name is Ardee or RD, short for Rein-deer. Ardee is a lovable sort who is there for Kerka in times of need but has needs of her own and is NOT afraid to express them. Most of Ardee’s needs involve food. Ardee shows Kerka what a best friend does. She is not really that brave but risks her life to save her friend. She is not really that strong but gives it her all when the times call for such an effort.

I like to think about friendship this way. It is a “give and take”. Sometimes you are the strong one and sometimes you just need a shoulder to cry on. So I am sending out this “THANKS” to all my friends who are there for me when I need them, but don’t mind asking for help too. It’s a gift to have a friend! Pass it on!

Merry Christmas from the Fairy Godmother Academy!!!!


4 thoughts on “I Love Reindeer!

  1. I love reindeer too but unfortunately my spirikin (the leopard) would probably eat reindeer the first chance she got. 🙁

  2. You can have several spirikins at the same time and they will respect each other. Mine are: black panther, buffalo, dolphin, butterfly, and wolf. I expect to have a few more before I pass.

  3. I love reindeer too, but I wander if I have any spirikins at all. Can you tell me how to find my spirikin/s please?

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