If You Really Knew Aventurine…

Have you ever wondered how Aventurine came to be? If you love the Fairy Godmother Academy books and have been curious about what’s next, your wait is almost over.  Contact me via this blog or on our Fairy Godmother Academy Facebook page to be a secret reader for the advance e-book version of Queens of Aventurine! I’ll be sharing the pre-release free e-book with a limited number of Super Fans.

 The Queens of Aventurine gives you the backstory and sets you up for the new YA series, Coded4Greatness coming soon.

Here’s something from the Queens of Aventurine:

“After the tapestry was lost, I hid the Mermaid Crystal Viewer because I was sure that your tapestry’s disappearance was foul play. Now that I am gone, I want you both to use the Viewer.  It will allow you to see beyond into a whole other world. That is where your lost destiny tapestry can be found, Annabel.  Look through the eyepiece. You’ll know what to do after that. Take care of each other and remember who you are.”

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Jan Bozarth – Author
The Fairy Godmother Academy, Queens of Aventurine, and Coded4Greatness

13 thoughts on “If You Really Knew Aventurine…

  1. I am so glad you are well (at least relatively so) and writing again! Very glad to receive this post from you, especially as I had just the day before been thinking of you – I’d reread the first book, Birdie’s Book, and was on the verge of posting a “How are you?” post on your website’s blog. You’ve been in my prayers.

    I hope you’ll also consider publishing your new book, Queens of Aventurine, as a paper book eventually. I’d like to read it, but do not have any means of reading an e-Book (nor a Facebook account for reading the advance version you’re kindly offering to share with us). In any event, I’m so glad to hear that your back, and full of plans!


  2. Hi Julie:

    Thank you for praying for me. It means so much to me. I am going to publish this book in print, but thought I would try this ebook secret release for fans to sort of get back at it! Stay in touch though. After I get it through editing, perhaps I can share it with you another way? Thanks again! Stay tuned!


  3. Hi Jan,

    Thank you for such a nice reply. I am glad you will be publishing your new book as a paper book. I’m sure your readers will love that ebook “secret release,” too, as a special, very considerate treat. (I can’t imagine reading a book backlit by a bright computer light, but lots of people love that format, even prefer it to paper books.) Your “secret release” includes your readers like a special family in a celebratory group hug. Thank you for kindly wanting to include me in that! I’m not sure how that could be done, but the very wish has already done it!

    Yes, I’ll stay in touch. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and during Lent I’ll be “giving up the computer for Lent” (I write that with a smile, but my intent is serious). I’ll check e-mails a few times, but will basically be out of the loop until after Easter. I wish you a blessed Holy Seasons, in whatever way you participate in them.



  4. Hi there! My name is Ally and I’m a book reviewer for eARCS! I absolutely LOVE your books, they were so absolutely special to me when I was growing up in elementary school. I even wrote to you one time back when I was in second grade to write to my favorite author and you so kindly gave me and my school a signed copy of the books. It’s made an impact on me ever since. I’m an adult now and still hold that experience dear to my heart! It actually encouraged me to pursue writing and now I’ve written a few novels that I’m hoping to work on getting published. Your Fairy Godmother Academy books have been such a big part of my life and I want to thank you so much for that.
    I would be so honored to be able to read an advanced copy if you would let me 🙂
    Hope your Lenten season goes well!


  5. hi!! this is kinda weird for me because i totally adored your books when i was younger and i always used to wonder where you went and what happened to the rest of the series. i was doing my homework today and i just suddenly remembered you and your amazing books and also, that there is a huge internet out there and you probably have a website! So, lo and behold, i searched up “birdie book” (sorry it’s been so long i forgot the name oops) and your website popped up! I am so sorry to hear of your illness and i’m glad you are feeling better and writing a new YA series! i cannot wait to read it and i would love to be a ‘secret reader’. i can’t wait to read this!

    Mia 🙂

  6. Hi Mia- I am so glad you thought of me and the Fairy Godmother Academy books. And yes! Now you are on my list to be a secret reader. I expect to get that book out to the secrets in June. Stand by for more information. I’m excited to connect with you too! Are you on Facebook? I will do a private Facebook Group soon for the secret readers. If not, I’ll reach out here again. xxx Jan

  7. omg!!! this is so cool thank you so much for replying back to me and making me a secret reader!! and yes i do have a facebook. just look up mia rose censoprano and i should pop up.

  8. Dear Jan I just finished Birdie’s book in two days. I absolutely loved it. I would love to be a secret reader. I am going to get the other five books. I am a 48 year old third year nursing student. Your books are amazing. My mum’s father’s mother was like a village healer in what once was old Prussia. This went back for generations of foremothers. Next year when I finish I want to work in Regional Victoria Australia in a south eastern region called Gippsland. I am glad that you are over your illness I am looking forward to reading the rest of your books.
    I am also wondering who you based the character Queen Patchouli on. When I read page 100 I also giggled. I am completing a leadership minor in my nursing course. My leadership teacher is exactly like Queen Patchouli. She is sweet but has a steely strength about her. She is definitely strict as lecturers goes but she is also so wise. I valued the advice she gave me about jobs. Like Queen Patchouli she also warned us about what perils awaited us as future nurse leaders. Also in the exact same sweet steely voice. I hope you keep on writing. Many blessings Brigitte Alexander

  9. Hi Brigitte: Thanks for loving Birdie’s Book. I would be happy to have you join my Super Fans and be an early reader of the new book, Queens of Aventurine. I expect to get that eARC ( Advanced Reader Copy in ebook form) out in late June. Thanks for your continued support!

  10. Also, Brigitte, Where exactly are you in Australia? Can you tell me the area so I can see it on the map?

  11. Oh my goodness, I love your series so much! The Fairy Godmother Academy books meant everything to me growing up. I would love to join the Super Fans if you would let me 🙂 Thank you so much for your amazing writing and kind words!

  12. I adore your books. All the vivid details make me just fall into aventurine everytime I hear them. I say hear because while I read your books as a kid I now have than on audible and I love hearing the stories told as if the girls were speaking themselves. Iremember being so envious everytime a fairy godmother in the making got to wxplore a magical wardrobe or eat fairy food. I would have picked the most frilly and fanciful thing there though, I was never as practical as your girls. Thanks so much for your books.

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