Growing Up, Coming Back, & Writing New Stories

To my loyal girls, women, and guy fans:

Yes. I have been gone awhile. I had cancer. I am better now and writing again after the three-year journey. This part of my story has made me stronger though. I have grown up. So I wanted to write some new stories about teens and young adult girls, strong girls and older women, women who know things and have also ‘grown up’!

Here’s what I have been thinking. Many girls feel they have something special inside themselves, but they can’t quite name what it is. So they try and try to unravel their specialness, their unique powers, their genius. Sometimes that’s not so easy. You need friends who can relate to what you are going through. You need helpers. You need fairy godmothers.

My new series is called Coded4Greatness and it’s full of characters who can relate to that feeling. Each character has his or her own special genius which I call “codes”. The first book will be done in the fall of 2017. It is called The Dually Codes. You will recognize some of the characters because you met a few them in the Fairy Godmother Academy books. The old ones have grown up and the new ones are a bit older too like Mo and Annabel. These books are considered Young Adult Fiction and have boy characters and magic. And there is a new place where all the magic in the real world happens. Maybe you know someplace in your world like this. It’s called The Third Place and it’s a great big warehouse with all kinds of maker stuff for fashion design, music, computer coding, science experiments and much much more.

Next month I’ll be offering a free first chapter of the Dually Codes if you sign up for the new OFFICIAL Fairy Godmother Academy website.

Thanks for hangin’ in there with me. You’ll be the first to find out how to find your own Genius Codes when I start releasing the Coded4Greatness series.


3 thoughts on “Growing Up, Coming Back, & Writing New Stories

  1. Dear Jan,
    I am so glad that you are back, and have survived the very rough journey through cancer. I am an older woman (now 66) who loves your books, and I was wondering how you were and praying for you. (In the “Wisdom Acts” pages I was the one who posted comments last year under the name M.R. – the abbreviation of a name too personally special to post on the World Wide Web.)
    I have a request, if you have the time to reply. (If you can’t respond to individual e-mails, I’ll understand.) The earlier books had Wisdom Cards for the main characters, but I never saw the Wisdom Card for Trinity, the character I most identified with. I’d love to know what her special Wisdom Card motto is.
    Thank you, and God bless you for all you’ve shared with us, in your books and in your life. I will continue to keep you in my grateful prayers.

  2. Hi Julie- thank you so much for your kind words. I’m thrilled that you love my books.

    We never did an official card for Trinity but that book has a theme which I made into a song called Learn to Fly. I’ll post the lyrics in a blog post this week just for you.

  3. Hi Jan,

    Thank you for your nice reply, and for so kindly offering to post the lyrics of Learn to Fly as a special post for me. Trinity’s Book has Learn to Fly at the end so I have it there, but other people visiting your website will enjoy seeing it.

    Last year in May, on one of your Wisdom Acts pages I posted why I especially resonated to Trinity’s Book. It would have been my favorite book as a child, too! I wrote: Trinity has a wonderfully scientific mind: she observes everything around her, takes it all in and thinks intelligently about it. I love it that in a fairy book, you showed a scientific and logically-minded girl in such a positive light, instead of treating this as if it were strange. All of the books’ characters have wonderful traits and things to teach us, but I’m grateful that you showed us Trinity’s good mind, and the good heart that went with it.

    Later I added a line that I’m now thinking could be a one-liner for a Wisdom Card for Trinity (though it’s a bit long to fit onto a card):
    “Using one’s mind, heart, and spirit all together makes for wholeness.”
    Maybe I’ll figure out how to make a little card like that, to put in my book.

    Again, thank you for all you’ve shared with us in these books. I look forward to reading the new book you’re writing now.

    God bless you with His love and grace!


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