Character Profile: Birdie

Character Profile - Birdie

Birdie Cramer Bright

The Arbor Lineage – Protectors of the Green World

  • Talisman: The Singing Stone
  • Wisdom: Sensitivity
  • Heritage: Irish
  • Personality: curious, observant, smart, thoughtful, sentimental. A tree girl at heart. Loves music and botany.
  • Style: Birdie chooses clothes that remind her of home and family and favors natural fabrics. Comfortable, eclectic, feminine (a soft t-shirt and patched jeans).
  • Color: 93AB89

20 thoughts on “Character Profile: Birdie

  1. Birdie is the best! She is my second favorite person in the fairy godmother academy series. (Kerka is my top favorite!)

  2. My name: Tally Alex F.
    Talisman: The Never Ending Mint Plant
    Wisdom: Talent
    Heritage: Polish
    Personality: I like myself, I am smart, friendly, fun and scientific
    Style: I try on the newest trends, although I hate uncomfortable ones
    Color: Turquoise

    Thats me.

  3. Name: Emmelan Francis P.
    Talisman: the ever-growing vine
    Wisdom: Music
    Heritage: Pauley
    Personality: I am very into playing string instruments Like Fiddle
    Style: I like shabby modest close
    Colour: Neon green and yellow
    that is very much me.

  4. Annie, in fiddle do you know any of these fiddle tunes?

    Swallowtail jig
    Devils dream (bad name)
    Short bow jig
    Danny boy
    Chinese breakdown
    Old french
    Uncle Henry’s reel
    Red wing

    Do you know any of those?
    Tell me which ones you know! I will look them up!!!!

  5. Aquagnis Lineage
    (Fire and Water branders)
    Name: Daniela Michelle Flambe
    Age: 12
    Talisman: The eternal flame
    Wisdom: Education
    Heritage: American
    Personality: Smart, curious, observational, logical, intuitive, nerdy, loves coding, loves swimming, abnormally smart.
    Style: I like wearing shirts that say feminine messages, and very short shorts.
    Color: Standard purple and sky blue
    This is me but I changed the name. I made the name lineage name a mix of the Latin word for fire and water

  6. Name: Tyler N. MaGee
    Lineage: The MaGee Lineage
    Tailsman: The playful garden
    Wisdom: Music
    Heritage: African American
    Age: 13
    Personalty: Musical, smart, courageous, brave, playful, whimsical, imaginative, dreamer, caring, dorky, singing, playing the piano, reading
    Style: Sparkly and colorful
    Color(s): Pink, Purple, Blue, and red

  7. For Lineage I meant to put The Muziki Lineage, because I love music so much. And Muziki is Swahili for music and I love music!

  8. For Lineage I meant to put The Muziki Lineage, because I love music so much. And Muziki is Swahili for music,

  9. Aria Skye Milar
    Auguratricis Lineage (Sorceresses)
    Age: 13
    Talisman: The Magic Staff
    Wisdom: Hyperintelligence
    Heritage: American
    Personality: Logical, realistic, sarcastic, competitive, intelligent, powerful, a bit scary and violent sometimes, but mostly docile, very protective of emotions, has very dark secrets
    Style: It usually depends on the occasion, but usual clothing is a floral sweater and jeans, short or long. However, as she’s usually brought into battle, she wears tight fit armor thats often black with touched of gold.
    Color: Gold and Black

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