Announcing Book 5 : Sumi’s Book

Sumi Hara loves fashion. She always looks beautiful, and always wears the perfect outfit. When she arrives in Aventurine, Sumi is thrilled to learn that she’s a shape-shifter.

Unfortunately, she’s not very good at shape-shifting yet, so she’s given a guide named Kano—who’s distractingly gorgeous in his human form. But right away they get off on the wrong foot; Sumi can’t understand why this boy doesn’t seem to like her. When they find out that an evil fairy queen holds the final mirror shard needed to complete their mission, Sumi will have to discover what true beauty and perfection are, or she could lose Kano and her chance to become a fairy godmother.

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4 thoughts on “Announcing Book 5 : Sumi’s Book

  1. Being a shape-shifter can be high drama, but this is a skill that someone at the Fairy Godmother Academy needs to have! If you read Sumi’s Book, you will know what it means to be able to go through any kind of hardship to accomplish something. Hope you like it.

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