Faeriecon West: Day 1 – Suspending Disbelief

Something happens when a bunch of humans get together to celebrate the imagination. Beauty and humor come pouring through. At this conference it is easy to meet those who have no trouble suspending disbelief- letting go of “so called reality” to soar freely through other worlds. Imagination-It’s a worthy destination that some people call home. I interviewed one such person today. Toby Froud is at home in the fairy world. He’s a beacon. Follow!!!

3 thoughts on “Faeriecon West: Day 1 – Suspending Disbelief

  1. I liked the puppet, I thought he looked like he was from one of the FGA books.

  2. hi i really would like to be an author and i really like your books. So i have one question. How do you do it? How do you write so well?
    I always get writers block and quit. And i really wanna be a musician so how can i do both?

  3. Just write down your ideas no matter how silly or weird. Then be willing to rewrite,rewrite, refine, edit, start over and revise. Hope this helps! Being a musician takes practice and dedication. You CAN be both! Stick with it.

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