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Young reader shares her dream to be an artist

Parent’s perspective of the Fairy Godmother Academy Series

London Calling!

I love London.  I am introducing the Fairy Godmother Academy books in the UK this week. They really get fairies here. Write to me if you are a fan in the UK.

Check out this Wisdom on a blackboard at Neal Courtyard.

There are many magical places on earth. London was calling me and I answered! Where do you find magic?

Book Giveaway!

Are you a student, parent, teacher, librarian, or just a FGA fan? Write a review of any Fairy Godmother Academy book and we’ll pick our favorites to receive a free autographed FGA book!

To Participate: Just post a short review in the comments section of this post.  If your book review is selected, we’ll contact you for your mailing address so we can send you your free book! You can direct your book to your favorite library or keep it for yourself (and to share with friends).  🙂

Kalis Dance Contest – Congratulations to the Winners

The Kalis Dance contest has ended! Thanks to all who submitted videos – we were totally impressed with your dance skills and hard work!
So without further adieu, here are winners:

First Prize Winner (iPad):
Doris G.(Los Angeles, CA) [watch the video]

Second Prize Winner (iPod touch): 
Ria A. (Houston, TX) [watch the video]

Third Place Winners (FGA Merch Pack):
Valerie G. (Los Angeles, CA) [watch the video]
Alejandro H. (Berwyn, IL) [watch the video]
Lauren W. (Glasgow, KY) [watch the video]
Sandra & Ashley (Driftwood, TX) [watch the video]
Nina B., Mia B., Amber S. (Lockport, IL) [watch the video]

Jan Bozarth Talks About the Kalis Dance

I created the Kalis Dance in Kerka’s Book because I love dance and wanted girls to have something that made them feel powerful AND graceful. The beautiful handmade sticks are like light sabers for girls. Check it out!

Faeriecon West: Day 1 – Suspending Disbelief

Something happens when a bunch of humans get together to celebrate the imagination. Beauty and humor come pouring through. At this conference it is easy to meet those who have no trouble suspending disbelief- letting go of “so called reality” to soar freely through other worlds. Imagination-It’s a worthy destination that some people call home. I interviewed one such person today. Toby Froud is at home in the fairy world. He’s a beacon. Follow!!!