Help for Haiti

You probably already know today is Martin Luther King Day (because school’s out, yay!) It’s also the King Day of Service, a great time to do something good for our world. I read that Dr. King said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: what are you doing for others?”

That’s an amazing question. How would you answer it? Continue reading

Have you started YOUR Local Lineage?

Local Lineage: Green Squad
Together we can heal the world.

As a fairy-godmother-in-training, you don’t have to wait to go to Aventurine to start growing in wisdom. You can make a difference in the real world —your world — every day. How? Form a local lineage with friends to make your world a better place! Get started now: it’s fun, easy and makes a real difference.

Local Lineage Green Squad

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Branch of Blessings
I gather blessings with those I love.

What do you feel most grateful for? When you look around the green world it’s easy to give thanks for the sun, the trees, and the even the rain! Make a branch of blessings to show that you appreciate all the gifts in your life. Learn how in this Wisdom Act:

Branch of Blessings

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More Wisdom Acts…

Wisdom Cards

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Family Wisdoms and My Glimmer Tree

Family Wisdoms
We grow from our family trees.

Our families are the roots from which we grow. Although we all blossom in different ways, we can find support in our lineage. Interview a family member and discover your family’s wisdom! Do this Wisdom Act with your fam today!

Family Wisdoms Card

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My Glimmer Tree
Find your Glimmer Tree and share it with a friend!

Birdie hugs the Glimmer Tree when she meets it for the first time. How do you honor trees in real life? You decide, share an adventure with a friend, and grow in the Wisdom of the Arbor Lineage! Learn how in this Wisdom Act:

Glimmer Tree Wisdom Card

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Check out lots more Wisdom Acts at the Wisdom Chooser.

Are YOU Ready To Be A Fairy Godmother?

Become a fairy godmother in-the-making by joining Wisdom Acts!
Become a fairy godmother in-the-making by joining Wisdom Acts!

Wisdom Acts
are bits and pieces of truth are handed down from the fairy godmothers. They are the lessons of the Fairy Godmother Academy and your path to becoming a fairy godmother.

Remember how Queen Patchouli sent Birdie on her Aventurine quest? Now it’s your turn. To start your journey, go to the Wisdom Chooser. Pick a Wisdom Act that feels right to you and click ‘GO!’ to check it out. Read how to get started and jump in! What you learn as you complete each adventure will be unique to you—and it will help you follow your dreams and grow in Wisdom as a Fairy Godmother in-the-making.

Are you ready to help save the green world?

Signed Birdie’s Book Giveaway — Get one in time for Christmas!

Get a chance to win one of five copies of Birdie’s Book, signed by author Jan Bozarth, and delivered to you before Christmas.

Birdie's Book

  1. 1. Find a fellow member to send a Friend Request. Make sure you are signed-in, then find a sampling of members at Birdie’s profile page or from the search box on the MyFriends page of your profile.
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That’s It! On Monday, Dec. 14 at 6pm (CST-US) we will pick at random five members who have both entered the “DreamFriendsForever” code AND sent at least one friend request.

Birdie's Book
Jan Bozarth, and a few of the dreamers of Fairy Godmother Academy


Ahh, The Fine Print.

We will attempt to notify the winners at the provided email address. If we do not hear back by the 16th of December, there is a great chance your signed copy of Birdie’s Book will not arrive in time for Christmas. If you live outside the continental US there is an excellent chance it will not arrive for Christmas even if you do respond immediately. You do not increase your chances by friend requesting multiple people, but if you find a few more than one you’d like to friend, feel free to do so. You have to be a member of the Academy to send Friend Requests, but you do not have to be enrolled. To be “joined”, or to be “enrolled” (the next level up that allows social network access) is free, but enrollment instructions are only sent to members under 13 years of age.

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Gifts That Give Back

OK, now that Thanksgiving is over, I’m ready to stop thinking about food (at least for a little while) and start thinking about gifts. I always put off getting presents until the last minute, but this year I’m going to start early! (Does November 30th still count as early??)

And since I’m a part of the Arbor Lineage, I want my presents to help the green world…or at least not harm it!! So I’m going to give to green charities and make my own gifts this year. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Dinner Reboot!


Hiya Cookies, ChefGirl here!

As much as I LOVE Thanksgiving dinner (and I do!) I get a little, err, tired of leftovers…especially on day three. So I decided to start a new family tradition I call the Thanksgiving Reboot! On the Friday after Thanksgiving I take all the leftovers and turn them on their heads. My family loves it! Continue reading

Announcing Birdie’s Book Reader’s Guide!

Book Girl here! I just wanted to let you know that a Reader’s Guide for Birdie’s Book is now available. Aimed at Parents, it gives you some cool things to think about before you even read the book, plus questions to discuss when you finish, and activities to try out too.

Check it out at this link, it’s free!

Then post a comment, I’d love to know what all you other book girls think 🙂