“Spirikins are animal spirits. Each girl’s spirikin represents her inner self, and that defines which animal chooses her. The spirikin helps a girl acquire the one quality she needs but doesn’t have.”
~ Queen Mangi

Look into your heart: what quality do you need in your life? Do you need to become a better friend or a better listener? Do you need to learn how to ask for help—or maybe how to give it? Do you need to believe in yourself? To express what’s in your heart? Do you need to be more daring, or more patient, or more kind? These are powerful qualities, and to master them you’ll need help from a powerful guide: your spirikin.

You can’t find your spirikin by taking a simple quiz. You won’t find her by making a list of all the good qualities you already have (and you have many!) That’s because your spirikin isn’t about who you are now; she shows you who you can become. No one else can tell you what your spirikin is. The only expert is you!

Ready to find out? Choose one of your favorite things to do, and invite her to reveal herself…

Go on a walk: Go on a hike in the mountains, a stroll on the beach, or a walk around your neighborhood. What do you see? Do certain animals always seem to show up when you go for a walk? Even in the city you can find animals everywhere: eagles nesting on skyscrapers, spiders crafting beautiful webs. Animals can appear in paintings or murals or even show up on billboards or as designs on jewelry or clothes.

Dive into dreams: Before you go to bed, think about what you need to work on in your life. It’s OK if it feels like a really big scary goal to tackle. If you are brave and honest, you will call the exact spirikin you need. Right before you fall asleep, invite your spirikin to come find you in your dreams. Maybe the two of you will meet in Aventurine!

Explore silence: Find a beautiful or inspiring place to sit for a while. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, or just watch the clouds in the sky or the wind moving through the grass. If you start worrying or making lists, set them aside and come back to the present. Your spirikin may come find you if you make space by getting quiet.

Make some noise: Listen to music you love—or jump up and start dancing! What kind of moves seem natural to you? You could even try moving like an animal—soar like a hawk or stalk like a tiger. Keep your mind open and have fun—see what kind of animal comes to dance with you!

Draw your spirikin: Find some time to draw or write. Think about the natural places and animals you feel a connection with. Animals have different strengths and talents. What kinds of strengths do you want to bring into your life? Just start drawing or writing and see what animal shows up on the page. Your spirikin could be as big as a bear or as small and delicate as a lightning bug.

Curl up and read: If you love reading, find stories and facts about animals. Check out forests, mountains, jungles, deserts, plains, oceans and rivers. What seems coolest to you—wolves and tigers, or dogs and cats? Look up birds like eagles, hawks, cranes and songbirds. Find images of whales, dolphins, seahorses and sea turtles. Even check out the smallest (and bravest) of creatures: rabbits and mice, frogs and lizards, dragonflies, spiders, even ladybugs.

Have fun and know that your spirikin will find you when the moment is right!


you have earned a wisdom card!


362 thoughts on “My Spirikin

  1. hi!! I am new to this and I read the Fairy Godmother Academy and it said that I could dress up a character. Can anyone help me with that?

  2. I would have to say it is a dolphin, (I am curious and funny) Or a cat (I am good at sneaking and I feel a connection with cats)

  3. My spirikin is a horse. I have always had a special connection to them, my only friend being a horse 1st- 4th grade. You just need to spend some time to think, really. Sometimes they can/will even come to you.

  4. My Spirikin? Somewhere between a dolphin (cuz I’m fun and bouncy) and a cat (cuz I’m sneaky). I know, it seems opposite, but still!

  5. I found out that my spirikin is an owl. The owl spirit animal is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. If you have the owl as totem or power animal, you’re likely to have the ability to see what’s usually hidden to most. When the spirit of the animal guides you, you can the true reality and see beyond illusion and deceit. The owl also offers for those who have it a personal totem the inspiration and guidance necessary to deeply explore the unknown and the magic of life.

  6. I think my spirikin is an owl… Oh and this is still Sydney but I changed the name on here to Abby.

  7. LOL Rita!!! i think my spirikin is a bird, but i dont know exactly what type. i need to be more on the carefree side. im so tight and tense all the time…

  8. My spirikin is a wolf Because I love wolves. I have 4 dogs, it would be super cool to terrain a wolf

  9. Cat or sqirrel not quite sure. Tell me what you think.
    Color: Blue
    Hair color: Brown, same for eyes
    Name: Emma
    Tell me what you think!

  10. I think I’m a owl, I focused on my grades and stay up easily at night, or a hawk because I always loves hawks, and felt puled to them.

  11. I think my spirkin is probably a wolf, cuz I love wolves!
    (and I like to sing).
    Oh no! Whales sing too!

  12. The Mountain Lion chose me when I was a young child living near her rocky den, so that she could protect me and lead me through dreams onto the path of life where I should go … to Jesus. The lions are still there in that den, generation after generation of mountain lions, 60 years later, and that den had been there a long time when I was a child!

  13. I need to add a “caution” to what I wrote in my reply yesterday. Mountain lions are never safe for a child to be around, and I never had direct contact with them. My father showed me where their den was when I was old enough to wander through the forest alone (that was very young – we had a lot more freedom back then; the world was a different place). He said, “You don’t need to be afraid; just be smart and stay away from their den,” which I did. I passed very close to their den every time I walked (and scrambled) along the creek, and knew they were there, but I was “smart” (cautious) and not afraid. They seemed to accept me the way the other animals of the forest did (except the blue jays – Steller’s jays – they always screamed warning whenever they saw me), and there were so many other animals I guess those lions had plenty to eat, and had no need to go after a human child.

    It was in my special dreams at night that the Mountain Lion acted as a special guardian and guide, as though my Guardian Angel appeared to me in Mountain Lion form, which I think he did.

  14. I always loved Mountain Lions but then a while ago I read Julie’s Wolf Pack and I loved it and I researched wolves and I love them!
    If anyone plays animal jam search: nancydrew112!!!

  15. Why do peeps think owls are like super smart or something???
    PAROTS ARE SMARTER!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I KNOW!
    Ravens and Crows find nuts with shells and put them on the road when the light is red and then wait and thrn when the light is red the next time they take the crushed nut away!!!!!!

  17. So… i don’t really know ’bout this sorta stuff. So i don’t really know what i am yet but i’ll see. Oh and ’bout the ravens an’ crows that is pretty cool. You ‘ave to admitt. Oh, by the way if anyone ‘ere plays animal jam look up this: dragondq and that’s me.

  18. A dragon. It’s a dragon. Yeah i know most people don’t bwleive in ’em but i do and like i just think that they’re real and i just sorta feel a connection with ’em. And when ever i have free time and i don’t know what to draw i put my pencil on the paper i end up drawing a dragon

  19. I play animal jam dragondq!!!
    Buddy me I’m nancydrew112
    So happy someone finally went on this site!!!
    (apart from me and M.R.)

  20. I love wolves too! Their so cool, but dragons are just me. It’s like their my life. I just live dragons.

  21. Hey dragondq, can you plz check the local lineage page?? Tell me what u think!
    You know, I am courageous but I need more courage like being a wolf would give me.
    I was sooo freaked out when I was coming on stage for my theatre audition I almost died right there!!!

  22. You know what?
    I think I might have to have 2 spirkins, a wolf and a cat because I can not really draw wolves but I am awesome at drawing cats!!
    I am good at sneaking and I have green eyes but I do need some cat like attitude like being a cat would give me.

  23. Dragondq, do you have either Gmail, yahoo, hotmail or something like that? I cloud doesn’t work for Gmail which I have.
    Can u post ur email?

  24. What do you like to read?
    I read three fga books so far.
    I am reading a book called “spies of the kaiser” by William le Queux.
    It is about English spies spying on German spies in world war one or two. ( I don’t remember)
    Did anyone read that yet???
    The beginning is super boring so I skipped it and quickly got to the cool part. This book was recommended by my dad who finished history at UofT.
    ( university of toronto)

    Luv u all,

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