Birdie hugs the Glimmer Tree when she meets it for the first time. How do you honor trees in real life? You decide, share an adventure with a friend, and grow in the Wisdom of the Arbor Lineage!

Grab a friend
Ask a friend who lives nearby to come with you to find your Glimmer Tree.

Pick a place and a tree
Go to a spot with cool trees and secretly choose a special one. Shhhhhh . . .Don’t tell your friend which one it is!

Find a Place

Make introductions
Blindfold your friend, spin her three times, then lead her to your special tree. Ask her to use all of her senses except sight (and maybe taste!) to get to know the tree.

Find your tree

Take a guess
Lead her back to your original spot and take off the blindfold. Can she guess which tree is your Glimmer Tree?

You’ve found your Glimmer Tree and made the world a brighter place! Celebrate the tree any way you’d like – with a picnic, a song, or just a hug!

Tree hug

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98 thoughts on “Glimmer Tree

  1. Dear Birdie
    I have read your book, Zally`s book, and Kerka`s book. They are really great books. I can`t wait to read Lilu`s book.

  2. Now as you know ( by doing all wisdom acts ) i’ll be the best fairy godmother i’ll be…..Now here’s a secret.If i had a commpony i’d name it: HUGATREE.I know and the logo would have a person hugging a tree.I know what your kinda thinking ( well some of u.)It’s kinda stupid but I dont think so. anyway my favorite tree is the Foo – gee apple tree.( hey that rhyme) It’s a very soft apple ecspeically when it’s it comes to another end when i leave with you in my footsteps ( feel free to comment) .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,

  3. Dear Birdie,
    I love the fairy godmother academy books. I’ve only read Birdie’s Book, but it’s probably my favorite book.
    This also is my favorite wisdom act so far. And it’s my first!

  4. i found my glimmer tree! it is small like me. when i was littler i used to clime it. i cant now cause i am too big

  5. i am so sad now. some tree cutters came and cut it down while i was at school. what should i do now? all i have left of it is the stump and a little log. ;(

  6. i think i have an idea of my tree its pretty with lots of leaves but im not sure its the one… 🙁

  7. I found mine. Mine is a small willow tree in my front yard. When I sit next to it, sun goes through leaves and makes a pretty green light.

  8. Dear Birdie I have a huge garden full of trees its like Mos but untidy like a forest I just don’t know witch one to choose any advice

  9. i’ve now read both Birdie’s Book and Kerka’s Book. another question, how come some posts have people’s names in blue??????????

  10. abwalk4454: congrats on reading the books! and thanks for asking why some names are blue – actually there was no good reason for it … so we fixed it : )

  11. I really want to do this, but if I do, I’ll lose my Glimmer Tree because I’m moving in a month. So I’m going to do it after I move in.

  12. Huh, My own glimmer tree. I don’t know how to choose. Plus, what would I do if it got cut down?

  13. I think mine might be a small tree in my yard where I keep my fairy house. I love how its leaves change colors in the different seasons! Its really special to me.

  14. my tree is a small oak in my backyard. I watched it grow and it watched me. We have a special connection

  15. I found mine only a little while ago even when i didn’t know about the fairygodmotheracademy when i read about this i knew the little tree in my backyard was the one. I don’t know how to explain it I kinda felt like i could tell the tree anything and it would understand. it would also help to help me make the right decisions my favorite thing about it was the little knot sticking out it looked exactly like a nose but my little brother kicked the nose off D:

  16. At my uncles house there was this tree which I used use and make up crazy games to play with it. My brother and me always called it home base because we used it for kickball ! Then my uncle cut it down. I know how everyone with trees cut down feels !

  17. My dad also cut down trees in my yard and believe me there are a lot of trees in my yard. I understand why but I still, had a fond for those trees. It makes me sad because I really love trees ! I found my glimmer tree !it is a pine tree that me and my neighbor climb.

  18. Dear Birdie,
    I have a lot of trees in my yard but my favorite is my Red Maple in my front yard! I call it my Glimmer Tree all my friends and I sit under it in the summer and climb on it and even my best friends say there is something magical about it!
    Your friend,
    HorseLover 😀

  19. I know what my tree is its the tree in my backyard. my tree has the most beautifull top that changes nicely throughout the seasons

  20. I have two glimmer trees, a little tree that my friends and I hang out and the big tree that we used to hang out at

  21. Lilium Tigrinum you took your name from one of the flowers in birdie’s book

    (btw that means tiger Lilly

  22. I wish I could have a Glimmer tree, but I live in the city. There’s a few parks around, but they barely have trees. Plus, I’m afraid I’ll choose my Glimmer tree, but someone will come along and chop it down!

  23. I would love to do this with a friend…but none of my friends take this seriously!!!!!!!!!!! :(( I will have to find my Glimmer tree alone, OR I could do it with me sis..

  24. I have my glimmer tree, but I’m going to move in 5th grade and lose my glimmer tree. I want to visit my glimmer tree and meet the new family, but I’ll be scared to ask my parents if we can. Could I get a piece of wisdom from somebody?

  25. Hi everybody is in to this stuff let’s all team up.It’s really gonna be cool, we do not haft to live in the same state.

  26. i don’t have a backyard or anything but there’s a nearby tree that i haven’t seen anyone chop down

  27. Me and my best friend both live on 100 acre farms sooooooo there is a lot of trees to choose from.
    But we finally settled on the one I call magic tree.

  28. I no longer live in the mountain forest of my childhood and youth, but there was a tree that was very special to me – and to those who came before me for hundreds of years. That tree was very tall and old, and before it grew, there were other trees among the huge boulders. Whenever I go back now, I make a pilgrimage of gratitude to that tree and those rocks. And where I live now, there is another tree I especially love – two of them, actually, right next to each other – that I can see every day in all their seasonal changes. One of them has a trunk small enough for me to wrap my arms around. That’s a wonderful way to commune with a tree, and when no one’s there to see, I hug it!

  29. I am just now becoming a Fairy Godmother in training. As soon as I can get the chance I will choose my Glitter Tree. I am so going to share this website!!!!

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