“Spirikins are animal spirits. Each girl’s spirikin represents her inner self, and that defines which animal chooses her. The spirikin helps a girl acquire the one quality she needs but doesn’t have.”
~ Queen Mangi

Look into your heart: what quality do you need in your life? Do you need to become a better friend or a better listener? Do you need to learn how to ask for help—or maybe how to give it? Do you need to believe in yourself? To express what’s in your heart? Do you need to be more daring, or more patient, or more kind? These are powerful qualities, and to master them you’ll need help from a powerful guide: your spirikin.

You can’t find your spirikin by taking a simple quiz. You won’t find her by making a list of all the good qualities you already have (and you have many!) That’s because your spirikin isn’t about who you are now; she shows you who you can become. No one else can tell you what your spirikin is. The only expert is you!

Ready to find out? Choose one of your favorite things to do, and invite her to reveal herself…

Go on a walk: Go on a hike in the mountains, a stroll on the beach, or a walk around your neighborhood. What do you see? Do certain animals always seem to show up when you go for a walk? Even in the city you can find animals everywhere: eagles nesting on skyscrapers, spiders crafting beautiful webs. Animals can appear in paintings or murals or even show up on billboards or as designs on jewelry or clothes.

Dive into dreams: Before you go to bed, think about what you need to work on in your life. It’s OK if it feels like a really big scary goal to tackle. If you are brave and honest, you will call the exact spirikin you need. Right before you fall asleep, invite your spirikin to come find you in your dreams. Maybe the two of you will meet in Aventurine!

Explore silence: Find a beautiful or inspiring place to sit for a while. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, or just watch the clouds in the sky or the wind moving through the grass. If you start worrying or making lists, set them aside and come back to the present. Your spirikin may come find you if you make space by getting quiet.

Make some noise: Listen to music you love—or jump up and start dancing! What kind of moves seem natural to you? You could even try moving like an animal—soar like a hawk or stalk like a tiger. Keep your mind open and have fun—see what kind of animal comes to dance with you!

Draw your spirikin: Find some time to draw or write. Think about the natural places and animals you feel a connection with. Animals have different strengths and talents. What kinds of strengths do you want to bring into your life? Just start drawing or writing and see what animal shows up on the page. Your spirikin could be as big as a bear or as small and delicate as a lightning bug.

Curl up and read: If you love reading, find stories and facts about animals. Check out forests, mountains, jungles, deserts, plains, oceans and rivers. What seems coolest to you—wolves and tigers, or dogs and cats? Look up birds like eagles, hawks, cranes and songbirds. Find images of whales, dolphins, seahorses and sea turtles. Even check out the smallest (and bravest) of creatures: rabbits and mice, frogs and lizards, dragonflies, spiders, even ladybugs.

Have fun and know that your spirikin will find you when the moment is right!


you have earned a wisdom card!


362 thoughts on “My Spirikin

  1. Hey!
    It’s Trinity.
    Most of u prob haven’t read my book yet.
    I love this whole spirkin thing.
    Try going outside and looking at animals that are very common.
    I was just looking at squerrels and it’s so cute how they eat the little pinecone with their tiny little hands!
    (or is that paws?)
    Talk later,

  2. Hello! I’m new here, but not to spirit animals. I thiink i am a wolf, but i’m not sure. Thoughts?

  3. this is fascinating. I thought my spirit animal was a white fox. Then one of my best face book friend sent me a picture of what my true self looks like. The picture had a while owl. and like Kerka I also have traces of Finnish in my background. I also had a dream where I was in a field almost like aventurine. I was a Maia female like from lord of the rings. I was with someone who was an older woman. She was like a priestess and she was training me. She also gave me a white owl in the dream.

  4. Exciting that you are a white owl. No doubt you are destined for something great! The Queens of Aventurine has more information about how the Queens are trained in Aventurine. I read a lot of Arthurian legends and lore before I wrote FGA. I always envisioned that my stories would have a Merlin-like character for the Queens in training. Queen Patchouli aka Annabel ( the temporary queen of the FGA series) and Queen Milleous Fortune (coming in the new series) will train the next Hundred Year Queen of Aventurine.

  5. My spirikin is a cardinal! I am also very protective and don’t like moving away! When I was dancing I felt like a cardinal soaring in the sky and my drawing turned out to be a cardinal. And I dreamt about them and they come to the window when I’m there.

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