Hello Academy Founder! Have you heard the song Hello Dreamer yet? Paying attention and really listening is an art, and it is an art that pays off in this quick little quiz.

Answer 7 questions correctly to earn a FREE MP3 download of the Hello Dreamer Remix from the Fairy Godmother Academy shop!

What line follows little flame, just let go, let it fly

What kind of ladder do dreamers climb?

Where should you leave your old shoes?

What color threads do dreamers weave?

What do dreamers cook up?

Where are ordinary people?

What color is the Hello Dreamer bird?

The Dreamer’s sky is made of what?

Who could be beyond the blue door?

Dreamers never say-

If you believe in what you’re feeling, what should you do?

What is the Million Girl Choir’s Wisdom?



you have earned a wisdom card!