Birdie hugs the Glimmer Tree when she meets it for the first time. How do you honor trees in real life? You decide, share an adventure with a friend, and grow in the Wisdom of the Arbor Lineage!

Grab a friend
Ask a friend who lives nearby to come with you to find your Glimmer Tree.

Pick a place and a tree
Go to a spot with cool trees and secretly choose a special one. Shhhhhh . . .Don’t tell your friend which one it is!

Find a Place

Make introductions
Blindfold your friend, spin her three times, then lead her to your special tree. Ask her to use all of her senses except sight (and maybe taste!) to get to know the tree.

Find your tree

Take a guess
Lead her back to your original spot and take off the blindfold. Can she guess which tree is your Glimmer Tree?

You’ve found your Glimmer Tree and made the world a brighter place! Celebrate the tree any way you’d like – with a picnic, a song, or just a hug!

Tree hug

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98 thoughts on “Glimmer Tree

  1. birdie your books are awesome it’s so fun to read this book i read it every day ……..SO COOL!!!!!!!!

  2. birdie i like all of your books they are great. i like the first and second books because they are cool

  3. birdie i like all of your books they are great. i like the first and second books because they are cool.

  4. I did this activity with my friend but I accidentally picked the tree that she was going to pick so she picked another one but anyways, it was a lot of fun.

  5. Hey Birdie! I love your books. (I’ve only read the first but I’m pretty sure I’ll like the others too). I have not yet found my Glimmer Tree, but I will soon! I will tell this to my daughter when i have one.( she will be named Jade) and we will go down to our Glimmer Trees everyday. I am your biggest fan Birdie!!!
    xoxox Callirose


  7. love your book its so triple back flip awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. It is sooooooo super-cool and inspiring that all of you are finding your glimmer trees. Can’t wait to hear more now that it’s Spring and we can all go on nature walks!

    Birdie Bright

  9. hey birdie, i wish girls like you and kerka and zally would come into my life!!!! most people in my class are really mean to me and right now i just really need some good friends.

  10. okay, instead of write a whole bunch of stuff,my message is pretty much exactly the same as callirose’s, and ivymoon7532’s, so read their messages so you can understand me. birdie u are so awesome. my glimmer tree just recently fell down in a storm so im really depressed and i dont know where another glimmer tree right for me is so ill have to look xoxo momos

  11. Hey mosmos ~
    I’m so sorry your tree was damaged in a storm! Have u thought about *planting* a new Glimmer Tree in honor of your old one?

  12. hey thanks so much greengirl. my dad just got some new trees today, but they’re still pretty small. one is a white pine, and the other is a red pinecone tree. he also bought some pussy willows with branches just perfectly thick to use as a kalis stick. i think my spirikin is a coyote. whats yours? how can you tell anyways? write back xoxoxoxoxox ~ momos ~

  13. I just got your book Birdie and so far I really like it! I found my Glimmer tree and its an orange tree in my back yard that i used to climb.

  14. today is Friday and i am reading your book.Kerka’s book is coming in the mail today.i love your book and am sure to like Kerka’s. your friend,Shoshy

  15. I defenitly found my Glimmer Tree! Its right in my backard. It’s just so big and beatiful. We may have to move soon though and I will miss it so much.

  16. omg i tottaly agree. i LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw birdie, or anyone please comment back, is birdie a real person and actually wrote the comments above??? 🙂 xo

  17. alos, i 4got 2 mention this in my other comment, i thought there was only 1 birdie book! Where r the others????????? <3

  18. birdiebright,

    Your books rock! I found my glitter tree. It is a hue oak! what’s your spiritkin 🙂

  19. hey momos, i just read ur comment, it stinks a big one when people are mean doesn’t it? i hope it gets better 4 u!!!! i found my glimmer tree but it was cut down:(:(:( but i am currently trying 2 find a new 1!!!!!!
    yours till the sky falls:) ivymoon

  20. I have a Glimmer Tree I call Grandmother Willow! I think I hear her speak words of wisdom to me!

  21. My Glimmer Tree is on my way to school. One day I saw a leaf suspended in mid-air and I looked more closely to see that it was attached by two fine spiderweb strands. The leaf has since fallen, but I often pause by that tree where the leaf was, and just remember that magical moment. You know, this website and Birdie’s Book totally inspires me, thank you so much.

  22. i lovvvvvvvveeeeee your book birdie. it inspired me.i love these projects,and i do one every week! PLEASE RESPOND

  23. i found my glimmer tree its tiny for a tree, it grows berries, and robins and cardinals like to sit in it

  24. You know wats weird????? I found my glimmer tree in my backyard and its real ugly cuz we tried to make a treehouse and one of the limbs broke off but u can see a lake from the view.

  25. I have read all three i want to read lilu’s book next but, just to let everyone know I loved birdie’s book i did a summary on it but kerka’s book was okay i like birdies the best

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