Kalis Dance Contest – Congratulations to the Winners

The Kalis Dance contest has ended! Thanks to all who submitted videos – we were totally impressed with your dance skills and hard work!
So without further adieu, here are winners:

First Prize Winner (iPad):
Doris G.(Los Angeles, CA) [watch the video]

Second Prize Winner (iPod touch): 
Ria A. (Houston, TX) [watch the video]

Third Place Winners (FGA Merch Pack):
Valerie G. (Los Angeles, CA) [watch the video]
Alejandro H. (Berwyn, IL) [watch the video]
Lauren W. (Glasgow, KY) [watch the video]
Sandra & Ashley (Driftwood, TX) [watch the video]
Nina B., Mia B., Amber S. (Lockport, IL) [watch the video]

5 thoughts on “Kalis Dance Contest – Congratulations to the Winners

  1. Wow! these videos are amazing! I have made my own Kalis stick [Which IS pretty cool] But these girls’s dances are amazing. I say congratulations to the winners and beautiful job for anyone who was brave enough to try. <3

  2. Hello Jen thank you for coming into our school today it is me Olivia smith from abc and thank you forgiving us some of the books to our school and the sixth book look really good and enjoyable

  3. Hi Jen it is me isabelle thank you so much for coming into our school I had so much fun and so did the other girls thank you again from Isabelle

  4. I thought those girls that did those entries are awesome. I’de like to meet one of them in person.

  5. Will there be any Kalis dance contests anytime soon? I don’t think it’s fair to the girls who just learned about FGA or finished the Kalis dance. This should be annually (aka yearly) in my opinion.

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