About Jan Bozarth

Jan Bozarth was raised in an international family in Texas in the sixties, the daughter of a Cuban mother and a Welsh father. She danced in a ballet company at eleven, started a dream journal at thirteen, joined a surf club at sixteen, studied flower essences at eighteen, and went on to study music, art, and poetry in college. As a girl, she dreamed of a life that would weave these different interests together. Her dream came true when she grew up and had a big family and a music and writing career. Jan is now a grandmother and writes stories and songs for young people. Jan credits her own mother, Dora, with handing down her wisdom: Dream big and never give up.

Fairie Magazines

Have you ever seen these Fairie Magazines before? Check them out! Faerie Magazine, Faeries and Enchantment and Fairy Tale Magazine..

Book 4: Lilu’s Book is Coming!

Lilu’s Book, Book 4 of the series is coming out in a few weeks May 2011. Lilu has an identical twin sister, Tandy. They are heiresses to a line a African weavers called the Songa Line. Lilu and Tandy are so close they share a secret language. When Lilu goes to Aventurine alone she must save an ancient white crane and his twin. She travels with twin faeries, Jo and Hanna, on the Ba-dum boat… a boat powered by drums. Buy the book on tape to hear the music.

Upcoming FGA Events in April

YA- A to Z:A Conference sponsored by the Writer’s League of Texas will host me speaking on developing transmedia properties on Friday, April 15 from 4:30-5:30pm at The Austin Hyatt Regency Hotel. There will be a book signing at 3:15

Central Texas Council of Girl Scouts hosts a Fairy GodmotherAcademy “Hello Dreamer” Party at the Council Headquarters in Austin. Saturday, April 16th, 2pm- 4pm. Admission is $10 for scouts and non-scouts and places are still available. This event was a part of GirlScouts Possibilities series for 2011. Jan will sign books and books willbe sold on site.

Jan Bozarth at FaerieCon 2011

FairieCon is coming up Nov. 4th-6th and registration is now open; I was a speaker and presenter last November in Baltimore. It was so much fun to see tens of thousands in fairy costumes and “eating up” anything and everything fairy. I spoke to girls, moms, and dads about my books and things to come in the Fairy Godmother Academy realm. They invited me to come speak to kids on the east coast.

Book 3: Zally’s Book is Coming!!

I can’t believe I’m releasing the third book in “The Fairy Godmother Academy” series! This one is titled Zally’s Book and I can’t wait for you to read it. Random House is officially releasing it on August 24th, but you can pre-order it now on Amazon. Here’s a little bit more about the book:

Zally Guevara always knows where she’s going. She has a passion for maps of all kinds and can’t wait to pack her suitcase and explore the world. But Zally doesn’t have to wait to get her wish. With the help of a cup of magical cocoa from her grandmother, she travels to a place that only girls training to become fairy godmothers can get to—the enchanted dreamland of Aventurine, a place that has no map.

In Aventurine, Zally is given her quest: to save a fairy queen who has lost her will to live. Zally’s companions are a young fairy with a broken wing, and a stallion prince. The trio’s journey proves to be even more challenging than they could have imagined as they meet monsters and get lost in a ruined fairy city. All the while, Zally is making a map of Aventurine and discovering that she has a talent, passed down from generations of women in her family: understanding the thoughts of animals. But will this be enough to save the fairy queen and ensure that Zally can continue her fairy-godmother training?

Fairy Tea Party at Terra Toys (Austin, TX)

June 17, 2010 I signed books at Terra Toys in Austin as a part of their annual Fairy Tea Party event. Congrats to them for having hundred of girls and moms show up in a magical variety of wings and sparkly dresses!

This is me with Olivia Griffin Erikson age 6. Olivia’s mom told me they had read Birdie’s Book and were ready to get into Kerka’s Book now. Olivia’s favorite part of Birdie’s Book was when Birdie and Kerka swam with the River Maidens.

Of course, we all know Kerka was forced to swim because she was afraid of the water. Those sly River Maidens showed her that she could breathe under water and swim as well as Birdie. Sometimes we just need someone to nudge us into doing things. A gentle push into unknown territory is a good thing.

Thanks to Olivia, Terra Toys and all the girls who love fairies and the Fairy Godmother Academy!

Jan Bozarth Speaking at RISE 2010

Jan is speaking at RISE on March 4 from 2-3:30pm on “Building a Product for Dreamers” as a part of the first annual Women Entrepreneurs Track. We hope you can make it. This is part of a week-long effort to highlight female entrepreneurs in Austin and includes 20 dynamic, successful business owners who have made a big impact in our city. You don’t want to miss it. All sessions are free to attend but are limited to 25 people so be sure to register right away at RISEAustin.org. You can find my session by clicking on the RISE Austin Women Entrepreneurs track and selecting the day.

More about RISE: Now in its 4th year, RISE has steadily gained steam each year. It’s a great chance to learn from and connect with entrepreneurs from multiple industries and backgrounds, along with leaders from universities, non-profits, neighborhoods and government. Learn more at www.riseaustin.org.

Kerka’s Animal Spirit: A Spirikin

Dear Dreamers:

I am thrilled that the Kirkus reviewer likes Kerka’s Book! I know there are many girls like Kerka out there waiting to read her story. You have only had a small taste of Kerka from Birdie’s story, but you know she is a completely differnet kind of girl.

I wrote about Kerka from my memories of being a dancer at that same age (13). I created Kalis, a martial art/dance that uses colorful bejeweled sticks and has steps like the X Sweep and the Zephyr. In my mind it is more dance than fighting, but I also wanted girls to be able to do their own fighting with Aventurine “powers” when they needed it.

Another fun secret in Kerka’s book is the idea that every girl has an animal spirit called a Spirikin. Do you have an animal spirit? (You can have more than one.) Maybe you like cats a lot or you have a certain animal picture or stuffed animals around your room? Leave a comment to this post – tell me about your Spirikin and how you figured it out.

See you in Aventurine!

ps: You can read the Kirkus review and a chapter from the upcoming Kerka’s Book online!