“Spirikins are animal spirits. Each girl’s spirikin represents her inner self, and that defines which animal chooses her. The spirikin helps a girl acquire the one quality she needs but doesn’t have.”
~ Queen Mangi

Look into your heart: what quality do you need in your life? Do you need to become a better friend or a better listener? Do you need to learn how to ask for help—or maybe how to give it? Do you need to believe in yourself? To express what’s in your heart? Do you need to be more daring, or more patient, or more kind? These are powerful qualities, and to master them you’ll need help from a powerful guide: your spirikin.

You can’t find your spirikin by taking a simple quiz. You won’t find her by making a list of all the good qualities you already have (and you have many!) That’s because your spirikin isn’t about who you are now; she shows you who you can become. No one else can tell you what your spirikin is. The only expert is you!

Ready to find out? Choose one of your favorite things to do, and invite her to reveal herself…

Go on a walk: Go on a hike in the mountains, a stroll on the beach, or a walk around your neighborhood. What do you see? Do certain animals always seem to show up when you go for a walk? Even in the city you can find animals everywhere: eagles nesting on skyscrapers, spiders crafting beautiful webs. Animals can appear in paintings or murals or even show up on billboards or as designs on jewelry or clothes.

Dive into dreams: Before you go to bed, think about what you need to work on in your life. It’s OK if it feels like a really big scary goal to tackle. If you are brave and honest, you will call the exact spirikin you need. Right before you fall asleep, invite your spirikin to come find you in your dreams. Maybe the two of you will meet in Aventurine!

Explore silence: Find a beautiful or inspiring place to sit for a while. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, or just watch the clouds in the sky or the wind moving through the grass. If you start worrying or making lists, set them aside and come back to the present. Your spirikin may come find you if you make space by getting quiet.

Make some noise: Listen to music you love—or jump up and start dancing! What kind of moves seem natural to you? You could even try moving like an animal—soar like a hawk or stalk like a tiger. Keep your mind open and have fun—see what kind of animal comes to dance with you!

Draw your spirikin: Find some time to draw or write. Think about the natural places and animals you feel a connection with. Animals have different strengths and talents. What kinds of strengths do you want to bring into your life? Just start drawing or writing and see what animal shows up on the page. Your spirikin could be as big as a bear or as small and delicate as a lightning bug.

Curl up and read: If you love reading, find stories and facts about animals. Check out forests, mountains, jungles, deserts, plains, oceans and rivers. What seems coolest to you—wolves and tigers, or dogs and cats? Look up birds like eagles, hawks, cranes and songbirds. Find images of whales, dolphins, seahorses and sea turtles. Even check out the smallest (and bravest) of creatures: rabbits and mice, frogs and lizards, dragonflies, spiders, even ladybugs.

Have fun and know that your spirikin will find you when the moment is right!


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362 thoughts on “My Spirikin

  1. I haven’t tried yet, but I will ! My fave animal is a monkey ! I like to dance and flip and hang! I love to climb trees and I hang on some branches, so is the monkey my spirikin? Someone ?

  2. Your spirkin probably isn’t a monkey. Your spirkin has a quality that you need but do not have. It isn’t what you have in common with them, it’s your differences that matters.

  3. I think my spirikin is a polar bear, because when my sister got an arctic animals toy kit, and asked me to play with her, she wanted to be the penguin and arctic fox, and me the polar bear. Also, when I went to the bathroom, there was something about the toothpaste bottle with Perley the Polar Bear on it that I’ve never noticed; at the back, “Perley” was grinning at me, and a speech bubble read: “Did you know polar bears have two coats of fur and black skin?” Whatever, I know, but I can’t help but feel like a polar bear is my spirikin. Plus, I’m shy and lazy and a big dreamer, rather than confident and hardworking and instead of thinking about meat, hunts for it no matter what, like a polar bear.

  4. I think mine is a pony or horse they seem to pop up on tee shirts every were i go and horses seem to love me!

  5. I know mine is a cat…because i’m stuborn and fierce and I go for the things I want!
    Thanks guys! You changed my life! 🙂

  6. I think mine is a wolf, because the same wolf keeps appering in my dreams,
    and im strong hearted. Also im a rebelious party animal, im kinda hot-headed, im a good leader, im a loyal friend, and I love the nature! Also I kinda’ look like one- i have high cheekbones, big blue green eyes, a long nose (not that long) and a big smile. My hair is very long, and amber, with some brown underneath. And I crave adventure! Im the life of the party, and like leading groups! And hate being left out of the fun!

  7. Look inside yourself. What do you admire? What do you dislike? This will help you find your spirikin.

  8. I am cheerful, I read books a lot, I love to learn but also to have fun. What is my spirikin, I wonder?

  9. I truly hope you do not give up! I love to swim & read but my freinds tellme I am funny and loyal. What could I be.

  10. I belive that mine is a mountain lion. I hunt for suvival. I am free like the wind, I am swift, and I have the magic within me.

  11. I hope I find a spirikin in my dreams. Dreams are very precious to me, but most of my dreams seem to be so random that even my little dream decoder can make no sense of them!

  12. i am some sort of beast. i see its shape in my dreams and then i am the beast, but i can’t tell what it is. it is big, brave, fast, and it’s like a mix of lots of wild animals.
    i need help.
    i am wild
    i am fast
    i can howl and growl like a beast
    i love all meats and all fruits
    i have wild hair
    and i still cant tell what my blankety blank spirikin is!
    please help me! 🙁

  13. mine is a cute little red squirll!
    i’m an excellent climber, i’m graceful, i’m super jumpy, and i love berries and nuts!

  14. i am a vixen! i have the reddest natural red hair posiball and i have the highest I.Q in the class+family! i love roasted birds and all other things foxes+humans eat.
    i have a natural love for nature and little burrows too.

  15. i’m am a dragon!
    i had just drawn a picture of a beautiful dragon, then two minutes latter i saw a huge dragon fly with the same color patterns on the dragon i drew. and some reason i have loved dragons my HOLE life for absolutely no reason! then i had this amazing dream that i was a magnificent dragon the same day+night!
    i am totally a dragon!

  16. Zecora, I believe that yours is either a lion, a wolf, or a fox, especially a kind that might be endangered. I, for instance, specifically know that my spirikin is a deer. I know it sounds kind of weird, but it’s true!

  17. I don’t know yet. I really like horses but I like other animals to.. A nd how do you play the game ( dressing your person, going on qusets…)

  18. I am a Bengal cat or Russian blue cat. For Bengals, they are playful and curious, the opposite of me. Russian blue cats have the “look before you leap” attitude that I sadly lack. I dream about cats, and weirdly my old friend thought I was a werecat ( she was like that).

  19. I think mine is a bird. I love birds. they’re my favourite animal. also, I love the wind and breezes and my fave season is spring. I even dream that I could fly one day! (that would be a dream come true!)

  20. I think my animal is a tiger, because when ever I dream in aventurine there is always a tiger no matter what place I’m in at aventurine, and I love to hunt, whenever I go to my papa and nana’s house we would go hunt for are food, also my favorite colors are orange and black.

  21. I have no idea what what my spirikin is. maybe it has something to do with the fact that I love to read and write poetry and books. I like art and math and I am very cautious. I also like pie.

  22. I believe my spirikin is a chipmunk because every so often it bangs into me…I all of a sudden lack bravery. Chipmunks can easily come up to people and take peanuts from their hands, so they are brave. One of my friends says that she loves when I wear bright clothes because it represents my emotions. The stripes on the backs and faces of a chipmunk represent my emotions too, I guess. I have danced and drawn to see what comes to me…it was a chipmunk.

  23. I like this website, but I would like to now what to do with my wisdom car and how to sign up. Thanks

  24. I am not sure what my spirikin is. I have always loved horses, but I keep feeling more and more interested in looking at wolves. What do you think??

  25. Chipmunks pop up every where I go! They have something I do not have. I am sure!!!! My Spirikin is a chipmunk.

  26. I am not sure what mine is. I love especially love horses but really I love all animals. Most animals love me too.

  27. I need help finding my spirikin! I like to party and do exciting things. I like to spy on my older brother and usually I am not seen. Also I love wolfs. And I think i need to be a better listener.

  28. I am fast, short tempered (somtimes) easily frustrated, smart, good speller and artistic. Which spririkin am I ???????? Please help me!

  29. Its a fox!!! Im always dreaming about them,and I just drew a beuatiful one a minute ago,too 🙂 YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I don’t get how to find mine. I have tried everything! Also, how will I know what my spirikin is, even if I do find it?!

  31. Remember, your spirikin is not something you have a lot in common with, it’s something that has something you don’t, that will help you be a better person, that you can rely on, that you can be good friends with.

  32. Guys what do you think is a courageous animal? Courage seems to be one of the things I lack.

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